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Eco Friendly  Certified Packaging Solutions

Yonwoo has been selected as the preferred manufacturer by major global companies, and high-level management on the basis of sustainable development.
Ecovadis Silver
Yonwoo is Ecovadis Silver Certified.
Yonwoo offers sustainable products certfied by Ecocert and RecyClass.
Environmental sustainability is a priority for Yonwoo.
Yonwoo actively develops Eco-friendly products that drive the circular economy for plastics – one that is environmentally conscious and sustainable.
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Threat of Plastic Pollution

Tons of plastic are produced in the world, and some has been recycled or incinerated. Most, however, ends up dumped in nature or buried in the ground. This plastic poses a significant threat to the environment. Eventually microplastics (from degraded plastics or from microbeads) flows throughout the world and is harmful to our oceans and lakes and endangers aquatic life.

Plastic and Carbon Emissions

Carbon emissions associated with plastic are a widely recognized problem. With carbon emissions at every stage from production to disposal, the carbon footprint of plastic threatens the global environment. We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions and facilitating a healthier future.

Panoramic view of wind turbines, water treatment and bio energy
Recycled polymer beads in light blue color

Plastic Circular Economy

A predominant system in plastic is designed for “production-waste-disposal’ which is a linear economy. It also has been resulted in widespread, persistent plastics pollution.

For a true circular economy, we must redefine and champion the system to ‘production-waste-recycle’. Since plastic pollution is a huge problem, constant strategic thinking is required beyond the horizon of immediate problems.

Under the “Recycle, Refill, Reduce” mission, Yonwoo will continue to lead towards sustainability in packaging.

Additionally, Yonwoo actively participates in the efforts to overcome the climate crisis through many activities for reducing carbon emissions.

Yonwoo Eco-friendly Solution

Yonwoo is one of the leading cosmetic packaging companies that has launched and continues to develop many Eco-friendly product lines in an effort to significantly improve sustainable packaging.

Development of Recyclable Products

  • The development of a mono material pump.
  • The development of products that combine recyclable materials.
  • The development of new recyclable containers and tubes.
  • Integrate mono material pump into existing airless systems.

Development of Refillable products

  • During product development, consider use of refillable options.
  • Simplified refill structures.
  • Minimal contamination of the contents while refilling.

PCR and Bio-resin Usage

  • Post Consumer Resin (PCR) applied to existing and new products.
  • Consideration of bio-resin where applicable.
  • The development of novel biodegradable materials.
  • Weight reduction in containers reducing the required amount of plastic.

Developing Sustainable Products

To increase the catalog of sustainable products, Yonwoo is continually developing new materials with global chemical companies, and then producing packaging with resins that have achieved safety and stability benchmarks.

Specifically, highly recyclable Virgin and Post-Consumer recycled (PCR) are being considered as top priorities.













Yonwoo Green Management

Yonwoo cares about the environment.

We have selected 5 indicators related to our daily production environment, which are closely monitored and managed to minimize their impact on our environment.

Yonwoo Green Management: 5 indicators


  • Regular and independent whole-system audits, including chemical management
  • Contamination avoidance through preventive actions.


  • Minimization of Co2 emissions.
  • Minimization of Colorants waste.
  • Seasonal air conditioning control.
  • Waste sorting and recycling.


  • ISO14001 certification
  • Wastewater treatment facility for the anodizing center.
  • Air purifiers against pollutants and dust across all facilities.
  • LED lamps, inverter and energy saving devices.
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Ecovadis Silver

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