Sustainable – Overview

We at PKG Group are passionate about preserving our environment for ourselves and for those that follow. Sustainability is a core value and endemic to our corporate identity, which is why we offer an extensive range of recyclable packages, reusable and refillable components, reduced-plastic packages, and PCR resin for select materials.



Products designed and developed with recyclable materials


Products engineered to be refillable and easy to use


Products developed with less plastic material

Bellows Engine Compatible


The Bellows Engine is a 100% polyolefin system designed to fit our existing lines of airless and dip tube packages.

Comprised of PP and PE, this patent pending design replaces the traditional metal spring found inside pumps with a PE bellows spring, and replaces POM with recyclable PP, so the whole pump can be recycled in one piece!

The Bellows Engine is now available in various sizes and doses to fit seamlessly with many of our existing packages.


dark green recycled plastic beads
dark green recycled plastic beads

Approved by ECOCERT


ECOCERT is an organization that provides certification for 150+ standards in the food, farming, forestry, textiles, cosmetics and eco-products sectors worldwide.

We have a variety of products that are approved by ECOCERT, fitting their renowned standards for sustainable packaging.

Learn more about ECOCERT by visiting their website.


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