We at PKG Group are passionate about preserving our environment for ourselves and for those that follow. Sustainability is a core value and endemic to our corporate identity. By continually encouraging partners, customers and the general-public, we hope to foster sustainability as a priority. With the goal of reducing plastic waste, PKG Group is instrumental in developing and promoting new sustainable products, either through custom package development or through our catalog of eco-friendly products.

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The Circular Economy of Plastics

As a mechanism of reducing plastic waste, we advocate for a circular economy based on four core components: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Innovation.

A circular economy is a system of one or more “closed loops” where (raw) materials and products maintain value and are redistributed back into the loop, resulting (ideally) in no waste. In contrast, plastics are predominantly used once and discarded, ending up in landfills and oceans.

PKG Group champions the sustainable use of plastics: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Innovation.



Products engineered to minimize the use of virgin plastic

  • Reduce the need of additional petrochemicals (crude oil, natural gas).
  • Increase use of Post Consumer Resin (PCR)
    • PCR PP, PCR PET, and PCR PE
    • Increases the demand of PCR propelling the circular economy.
  • Increase use of paper in packaging.


Products designed for easy recyclability

  • Metal-free products
  • Mono-material products
  • Compliance with current recycling stream / collection

PKG Circular Economy


Products engineered to be refillable

  • Refillable airless systems
    • Easy refilling
    • Reduction of contamination
    • Recylable after reaching end-of-life, for many models

Interchangeable packaging development

  • Standards for refillable components


Focus on future. New challenges will arise. New ideas will be needed.

  • New resins and formulations
    • Bio resins
  • Products that best exploit new recycling technologies
    • Advanced Recycling
  • Novel techniques to further use PCR while maintaining quality.

Sustainability Resources


Member of APR

PKG Group is an advocate for and recommends our manufacturing partners to support these sustainability organizations:

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