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– Yeongwoo Stadies Jumbo Series
– Best products with basic design and pictures
– Very consistent and accurate discharge amount from the first pumping to the last use
– Easily pump up to the temperature of high viscosity
– In the perfect block of external air influx, it prevents contents from being oxidized / contaminated in the air
– Contrast to the existing injection system, the remainder of the container is very low
– Compatible with the One Material Bellows Engine
– Fully recyclable with Bellows Engine

ItemCapacity(ml)Dosage(cc)Height(mm)Diameter(mm)Body Height(mm)
AS0030-J/PP30.00.50, 1.0083.644.3
AS0050-J/PP50.00.50, 1.0096.757.4
AS0060-J/PP60.00.50, 1.00104.065.0
AS0080-J/PP80.00.50, 1.00116.377.0
AS0100-J/PP100.00.50, 1.00129.790.4
AS0110-J/PP110.00.50, 1.00137.098.0
AS0130-J/PP130.00.50, 1.00149.3110.0
AS0150-J/PP150.00.50, 1.00162.7123.4
AS0160-J/PP160.00.50, 1.00170.5131.2
AS0200-J/PP200.00.50, 1.00198.6159.3

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