The best thing in dropper science by Yonwoo/PKG

Yonwoo/PKG released the next best thing in dropper science. The standard dropper bottle doesn’t work great for travel and can easily create a mess. These problems are solved with Yonwoo’s latest dropper technology.

The Ampoule Dropper has the classic gesture of a dropper with a contemporary design twist. This high performance product prevents residue, leakage, and mess. Usually, consumers have to unscrew a dropper pipette from a bottle, which can cause the bottle to tip and fall over, spilling the formula. This dropper is instead connected to the bottom of the bottle, making it so easy to use.

It delivers optimal performance for low viscosity formulas. With a capacity of 10ml, this package is ideal for skin care, body care, and hair care.

Available in various colors to customize to your brand’s needs.

Contact Yonwoo today to discover why this dropper was a Cosmopack Award Winner.

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