PKG Group Expands Healthcare Packaging Solutions

As leaders in airless dispensing systems and primary packaging solutions, we are continuously growing our capabilities to meet needs of our customers. PKG Group Healthcare is our newest and expanding division that is dedicated to providing customers with liquid dispensing systems and packaging solutions for topical applications in healthcare, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and combination products.

Our engineering and manufacturing teams are constantly tightening our quality processes to ensure a precise outcome during each step of development. Our team will quickly deliver the quality solutions your products require, while also providing valuable insight and guidance throughout the entire process.

As we continue to grow, our commitment remains focused on best-in-class service, while supporting our customers’ speed-to-market initiatives with only the most innovative and highest quality products”

Simon Kassas, Managing Director Healthcare
We offer over 400+ stock items capable of dispensing liquids, creams, gels, foam, and powder

Over the last decade, we have developed dispensing solutions for almost every different formula from liquid to powder. Our specialty pumps have the ability to dispense a wide range of viscosity, suiting various topical dermatological mediums including foams, oils, creams, ointments, and gels. Airless metered-dose pumps are available for both tubes and bottles, including our child resistant and senior-friendly packages. Each of our items can be designed with custom molds and decorations such as metalizing, spraying, anodizing, silkscreen press, hot stamp, and more.

Our manufacturing team produces components under international standards of ISO 15378 Quality Management System (QMS) requirements for primary packaging manufacturers in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, and has achieved ISO 14385 QMS for medical device and device constituents for combination products, for select product.

Pictured on the right is our Squeeze Turn CRC, an airless, child resistant, metered-dose pump. This package, and our Turn Push CRP, are both suitable for products that require safe keeping, such as pharmaceutical applications or contents containing children’s prohibited ingredients. The Squeeze Turn CRC applies a safety cap that must be turned by pressing the sides indicated on the pump container cap.

Select from our existing stock of 400+ items including airless and non-airless jars, bottles, tubes, droppers, mix-chambers, dual dispensers, and applicators. We can also custom-develop an existing mold or create a new package designed to suit your needs!

Squeeze and Turn Child Resistant Package

PKG Group Healthcare will be attending Contract Pharma on September 22nd and 23rd! We look forward to showcasing our latest metered dose airless dispensing innovations! Learn more here.

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