No Metal Needed: Yonwoo Releases Mono-material Pump

Yonwoo is making it easier than ever to make your brand’s products fully recyclable. Many pumps still use metal or a combination of different materials, making them difficult to recycle.

Yonwoo has a better way, a new mono-material pump with no metal. Their full sets are available in Poly Olefin, PP and PE Plastic. 

This new pump is ideal for personal care products, like shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, shower gels, hand sanitizer, and more. The pump is shower-proof so no external contaminants will reach your product.

A consumer-friendly suck back function brings any remaining formula at the tip of the nozzle back into the bottle to prevent residual contamination and spillage.

Yonwoo is a leading global provider of cosmetics and personal care packaging solutions. Check out their catalog to see what other strides in sustainability they have made.

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