Visit Yonwoo/PKG’s LIVE Virtual 3D Booth

There’s no need to wait for industry events to start opening up again to see innovative new packaging solutions up close, the Webpackaging LIVE exhibition is already taking place! Yonwo/PKG is the best in the business for luxury beauty packaging and their LIVE 3D booth is ready to visit now, any time of the day.

Visitors to Yonwoo/PKG’s 3D booth will view innovative solutions designed with sustainability in mind. As an international supplier of standard and custom airless solutions, top-quality bottles and jars, and modern tubes, Yonwoo/PKG believes that delivering green packaging options is no longer an option- it’s a necessity.

A presentation plays in the middle of the booth, which visitors can click to bring to the center of their screen. It details Yonwoo/PKG’s commitment to the environment, including the details of their reduced plastic usage in packaging, their green certifications, easier to recycle products, and their plans for the future.

A sign on the left details the company mission for sustainability- Refill, Reduce, and Recycle. Displayed on pedestals in the center of the room are some of Yonwoo/PKG’s best refillable packaging. Consumers don’t want to keep throwing away personal care components, they want great quality packaging that can be refilled time after time, saving plastic.

Click the Noble Jar to bring the 3D model to the front and center of the screen. This sleek jar has a removable inner capsule that reduces plastic usage by 95%. On each model, visitors can rotate the products to see them from every angle in full 3D. Every real-life curve and line can be seen, as well as a video demonstration of the product.

The Reduce wall highlights products that use less materials and more sustainable materials, such as the Paper Point Neck Jar. This jar uses paper for its outer shell, which can be recycled and saves plastic.

The Recycle section of the 3D booth displays products that are easy to recycle, like the Mono-material pump. This pump uses only one type of plastic, ditching the ubiquitous and non-recyclable metal spring that’s standard in most pumps.

Visitors interested in learning how to make their beauty and personal care product lines more sustainable can leave a message in the pop-up in the corner of the screen. A representative from Yonwoo/PKG will receive it. 

Visit Yonwoo/PKG’s booth today at

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