Looking for an Eco-friendly Cream Jar?

Yonwoo/PKG has the jars that beauty and personal care brands need for an eco-friendly line. 

The Micro Jar Dual Wall is a compact sized airless jar for cream. It reduces plastic usage while maintaining excellent functionality. This eco-friendly jar uses 19.4% less plastic than Yonwoo’s Low Profile Jar. This saves raw materials, as well as uses less fuel during transportation due to reduced weight. 

The Presto Jar V2 is eco-friendly in multiple ways. The package is made from mono-material plastic. The pump is non-spring and uses no metal. Using the same material makes the Presto Jar V2 easy to recycle. 

Since the Presto Jar V2 uses minimal pieces and weight, the plastic usage is reduced. If a company chooses to order without the optional base, the jar is even lighter. 

See what other eco-friendly products Yonwoo has to offer in their catalog. 


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