Have You Checked Yonwoo’s Eco-Certs?

Yonwoo/PKG believes that checking a company’s Eco-certs is essential. They welcome brands to check their Eco-certs for their eco-friendly products. 

Eco-cert is a world-renowned organization that gives an honest third-party assessment of companies. Their certifications assure customers that brands like Yonwoo employ sustainable practices in the production of their products. Customers can trust that their packaging is produced with our shared environment in mind if they see an Eco-cert. 

Yownoo puts sustainability first, from the initial developmental stages of their packaging solutions to the eventual disposal of the product and packaging. Yonwoo continues to apply for eco-certs for all of their packaging and developing new products that will fulfill the requirements. 

See what packaging solutions from Yonwoo/PKG have been Eco-certified on their website. 

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