Eco-friendly Pumps: A Mission, Not an Option

Yonwoo/PKG is committed to providing eco-friendly plastic pumps. What was once an option for buyers is now a company mission for Yownoo.

In the past, many pumps on the market have been made from POM plastic. This type of plastic is formaldehyde-based. The formaldehyde is released as a gas when the plastic is burned. Formaldehyde gas is a known irritant and can affect our eyes, nose, and throats.

Yonwoo’s basic pump is made with POK plastic and is completely POM free.

Their new metal-free pump is made from all POK plastic with no metal parts. Since metal can’t be recycled with plastic, using only one type of plastic in the pump makes recycling easy. 

See what other eco-friendly options has in their catalog, from refillable packaging to reduced plastic. 

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