Classic or High End for Moisturizers- Which Do You Choose?

Yonwoo/PKG has all of the packaging solutions your company needs for its line of moisturizers. Whether in serum or cream form, there are classic or high-end options available. 

The classic Presto Jar is an airless package with a variety of applications. The jar couldn’t be easier to use. Simply press a button on top of the jar to dispense product easily. It’s available in dual or single wall form. Choose between a 30ml or 50ml size. Presto is made of a single resin material, has a non-metal pump, and uses a minimal amount of plastic to be eco-friendly. It’s great for skin care, body creams, sun screens, and even baby care. 

Yonwoo’s high-end Auto Loading Dropper is ideal for skin care and cosmetics. The auto loading glass dropper is consumer-friendly. It gives precise dosing control so none of your product is wasted. 

The petite Ultra Low Pump can be used for a wide range of care products. With its low profile pump, it can be used for hair care, makeup, sun care, skin care, and more. 

What packaging is perfect for your company’s next personal care or cosmetic line? Contact Us to learn more about their packaging options.

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