New GLA Pump

Our NEW GLA pump series offers standardized neck finishes giving plenty of combination options for your product needs. With three standard neck finishes in 18-400, 20-400, and 24-410, the GLA pumps have the versatility to be paired with a variety of our glass bottle offerings or as a stand alone pumps for your choice of standard neck finish bottles you wish to pair it with.

Technical Notes:

  • 18-400 is available in Spring engine. * Bellow engine is under development.
  • Pictured bottle design is only available for the 18-400 GLA pump size. Bottle options pictured on 20-400 & 24-410 are concept designs and not currently available.
  • Check with your PKG Group sales representative for more information.

Check out Yonwoo’s Dodu package

made to work with the 20-400 GLA pump.

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