Ampoule Dropper

Cosmetic and personal care brands don’t need to look far for dropper packaging solutions. Many droppers come in the same uniform bottles but brands with specialized formulas need a different package. Yonwoo/PKG produces the latest versions of unique droppers for your company’s serums and creams.

Yonwoo’s Oval Clear Drop is the perfect marriage between a tottle and a dropper. This sleek plastic bottle looks luxurious with its shiny cap and easily customized decorating options. Consumers will love how easy precise dosing is. Available in 30ml and 50ml. 

The Dropper Tube is an elegant tube with a precise dropper. Available in various colors and with a variety of cap designs, you can customize your dropper tube to suit your brand.

Yonwoo’s Ampoule Dropper is a classic idea with a contemporary design. This high-performance package prevents residue, leakage, and mess. It is the optimal choice for a low viscosity formula. 

With Yonwoo’s unique dropper options, the ideal package for your specialized serum has already been developed. Contact them today and look through their catalog to see what solutions they have for your brand. 

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